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Scientists divided in two camps: those who accepted the medical possibility and those who were skeptical. The latter suggest that the film may be just pure Soviet propaganda or simply medically impossible. What is interesting however, is that many physicians actually gave credit to Brukhonenko’s experiment, legitimizing the whole affair.”

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Sad news from the world of comets: Frank “Iceman” Comatail, a member of the comet community for 6.1 billion years, committed suicide Saturday by diving headfirst into the central star of a random planetary system in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Reportedly, some sick and twisted observers on one of the orbiting planets cheered the video of his death on something called a “Tumblr”, with some going so far as to comment “OOOOOOOH COOL” at the sight of his tragic but spectacular demise.

The comets have declared this an act of war and will launch their kamikaze retaliation at some point in the next 3-4 billion years.

(the damned gif didn’t work before, here’s a video, footage from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory)

(Source: jtotheizzoe)

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Cats in Zero Gravity

An extract from a film on Bioastronautic Research made in 1947, demonstrating the effects of weightlessness on cats in a C-131 (Complete film can be seen here)

holy fuck i am a cat in motherfucking space what the fuck is going on ohhh fuck

no but seriously can you imagine the conversations these guys had to have leading up to this

"excuse me sir but it appears from your paper proposal that you want a 2 million dollar grant to drop cats in space

"well technically sir it will just be in this big airplane travelling at high speeds in a parabolic arc to SIMULATE the low gravity conditions found in sp-"

”( yes / get out of my office )” choose one 

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